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Heating & Air Conditioning Installation & Repair & Cleaning & Tune Ups across the Greater Twin Cities, MN metro area. Replacement of Heating Cooling Systems for Residential Home

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Service

Anderson's Mechanical Services LLC has been providing Twin Cities Heating and Air conditioning solutions for homes and commercial applications in the Twin Cities, MN area since the 1991. Whether you need a new furnace, air conditioner, service or repair, AAA-Anderson's is ready to help you and your family stay comfortable and save on energy costs. 

Warm Up with a Lennox Furnace or Cool with a New A/C

This 80% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) furnace easily saves money on operation compared to older, less efficient models while delivering years of reliable performance backed by Lennox. This furnace includes two stages of heating and a variable-speed ECM motor. This blower motor provides: longer, more gentle cycles, reduced sound levels, and outstanding electrical efficiency.


When you choose Lennox, you can expect comfort and savings to continue for years because our products are designed, built, and tested for long lasting operation.

Lennox products feature common parts, which means fewer parts to stock and service. In addition, they include competitive warranties: 5-year warranty on compressor and parts, 10-year warranty on registered units.

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Lennox heating and cooling products meet many budget and installation requirements.

Every Aire-Flo® product is built on a quality tradition that has endured for more than 50 years. So when you choose Aire-Flo, you’re making a lasting choice.

Our full line of R-410A air conditioners and heat pumps is complete with piston matchups and small footprints for easy installation. Built on decades of expertise, each model is full of convenient features:
Lennox Products
13 and 14 SEER ratings; 7.70 HSPF for heat pumps

Compressor motor designed for quiet, reliable and efficient operation

Precision-balanced, direct-drive fan to ensure years of consistent comfort

Flexible fan-motor mounting and easy access to components for convenient service

Lennox gas furnaces provide reliable warmth for every home. For the greatest efficiency, choose the 95AF with an energy rating of 95% AFUE. That means you receive 95 cents worth of heat from every energy dollar you spend. Aire-Flo gas furnaces are built to last and offer performance you can count on. Other features of the Aire-Flo furnace line include:


AFUE ratings as high as 95%

Multi-position: upflow/downflow configurations

Compact cabinet design 33" for maximum installation flexibility

Gas heating capacities ranging from 44,000 to 132,000 Btuh

Aluminized steel heat exchanger for highly efficient single- and two-stage performance

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Multiple Services Discount
Save money by grouping services. Purchase one service and receive a discounted price for every additional service performed on the same visit (cleaning & tune up services only).

Furnace Cleaning
System is thoroughly cleaned
Safety Inspection
Improves Efficiency and Heat Transfer.

Furnace Cleaning Discounted Price If Service Is Completed Same Time As Air Duct Cleaning.

AC Tune up
Clean Outside Condenser
Check A-coil for proper air flow
Check Capacitors and electrical
Full Safety Inspection.

AC Tune Up Discounted Price If Service Is Completed Same Time As Air Duct Cleaning.


Water Heater Cleaning   Discounted Price If Service Is Completed Same Time As Other Services.
Clean Baffles
Jets and Flues

Furnace & Ac Repair

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