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Gas Log Fireplace Cleaning In Twin Cities & Surrounding Areas, Minnesota

Gas Log Fireplace Repair:

All Gas Log Fireplace Repairs Start @ $135.00 for up to one hour labor, diagnosis, and up to one travel fee.

Cleaning Includes:

Inspect the fireplace for safe operation.
Thorough cleaning of all major parts such as the burner system, fire box, gas logs, pilot assembly, thermocouples, burner pan, etc.
Thoroughly clean and recondition all glass panes.
Re-install existing logs. NO MESS guaranteed.

Wood Stove & Fireplace Chimneys:

Please do not have a fire within 24-hours prior to us arriving to clean the chimney.

Next, we sweep the entire chimney with a brush and 5 feet connecting rods using an agitating motion to remove the creosote from the chimney liner. As the creosote drop from the chimney, our high-powered vacuum sucks it all up into a large bag outside your home. We clean the smoke chamber, shelf, and firebox with a brush, air tools, and vacuum.

We do not guarantee against structural damage due to improper use beyond our control. We cannot guarantee Sound structure. Also, we cannot remove stage 3 build up. We do not repair chimneys.

Chimney Cap Install:

We offer a free visual inspection after we clean your chimney. During the cleaning, if we notice loose mortar falling during sweep, this would be our first indicator something is wrong with your chimney. We will inspect further.

Sorry We do not offer repairs, rebuilds or replacement of chimneys.

For chimney cap installs cap size and height is needed before pricing. Average $129.95 plus tax per cap per chimney (Summer, Spring, Fall Months).